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released April 20, 2017



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butcherbird Weymouth, Massachusetts

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Track Name: plastic bruises
Nothing says 'I love you' like a slap in the face. I'd try and make things better, but my efforts are wasted; on shit that wouldn't make the slightest difference anyways. If I were to die right now, I bet you'd celebrate today.
It's not my fault that you're having a bad day. Don't take it out on me.
You can't say you loved me when it's me that you replaced, and I can't say I'm happy when you're everything I hate. Plastic cuts and bruises on my hands and my knees. Nothing can compare to the feelings that I felt today.

Plastic cuts and bruises on my hands and my knees, wondering whether they're from you or me.
Track Name: huh?
Obey, replace, repeat, replay.
Fathom after fathom, sinking down and out. Running from my problems never got me very far. Even if I tried to improve, failure invades my space, holding me down; so what's the fucking difference? I'm out of time and luck and options.
Negligible reasoning to stay alive and well; another minute spent here wishin that I was in hell. I never planned to see the light or work things out or make them right; I only planned on dying because no one here survives. Drained of all emotion, no more feeling, no more hoping for a brighter future; there is no fucking future. I'm sick and fucking tired of trying to make you happy.
Track Name: dullest knife in the sink
Only the dullest knife represents who I am, and who you are too.
It's time to go yet again, and this time I think that I'm forgetting something very important. Oh well, dunno. Guess we'll find out later on. I could have sworn that I remembered everything.
Only you could ever play pretend and walk right through my backyard. Fly right past me, but I see right through you. I'm the dullest knife around here, and I see everything. Don't try to sneak past me, I'll cut right through you.
Guess what? My brain's been decomposing and I am in extreme pain. Can you help me at all? Well, can you? I bet you can't, you're so fucking useless.
And then I found out they were no help at all. We're all doomed, especially you and I.
Sorry, kid.